Monday, October 17, 2005

jack o's

Last night, my sweetie and I carved these three pumpkins we picked up this weekend at a pumpkin stand. We did two things a little differently and they were fabulous ideas. We printed out the faces, taped the paper to the pumpkin, and used a fancy new electric pumpkin carving knife (looks like a little jigsaw). It was as easy as it could be...and FUN! Second thing I did was to buy little battery-operated tealights that flicker like a real candle. Boy, does it make these faces look alive...and with none of the worry of putting a real flame inside the hollowed out pumpkin.


Angela said...

Amy- How funny! Great minds think alike!
Those are some of the same patterns that we chose for our Jack O' Lanterns.. although we are just doing 1 pumpkin, a scary face on one side and a happy goofy one on the other!

You Jacks look great!

Waterfall said...

Those pumpkins actually look really scary!