Wednesday, August 17, 2005

ribbon heaven

My new friend, Joan and I went out yesterday in search of a ribbon store Joan knew of but had never visited. When she first told me about the store, of course I wanted to go right away. I was so excited that I didn't really hear her say the name of the town it is in. Even when she sent me an email with directions to the store, I didn't pay attention to where the store was. It was only when I printed out the directions on my way out the door to meet Joan that I realized this store is very far away.

But what's a couple of hours when you're travelling with a friend? ;)

After the long road trip and a few wrong turns...and some creative problem solving (we had the wrong street name for the address!) we arrived there at the outlet for Offray ribbons in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Oh my goodness! What a place! Ribbons spilling out of bins everywhere you can look. When our eyes adjusted to the magnificence of it all, we had to clean off our glasses and then rub our eyes to be sure we were seeing the prices correctly. 100 yards of the most beautiful grosgrain happily polka-dotted ribbon for five bucks??! And it just got better and better. From the photograph above you just can't appreciate just how much of each of these ribbons I bought. Hundreds and hundreds of yards. And I love it all!

My favorites? I love it all but I especially love the learning to knit ribbon...I bought 70 yards. I also love the retro Santa ribbon...would you believe 40 yards for $2???! I didn't leave out any zeroes there...two bucks for 40 yards of ribbon! Holy Moly!

As soon as I start putting a dent in this supply, I'm ready to head back. Maybe even sooner if my mother or sisters visit. We'll have a hayday all over again.

Thank you, Joan, for a wonderful day! I'm in ribbon-heaven!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh these are beautiful! Okay I have ribbon envy! LOL

M said...

Hi Amy, I live very close to a Ribbon Factory in Northeastern PA. and it IS overwhelming to visit the first time. I bought more ribbon that I could ever use in my lifetime! I decorated with it, using a freestanding paper towel holder on my countertop. I can change it seasonally and it looks so nice.
Also, if you go to Hagerstown again, make a weekend out of it and visit Frederick, MD. The shopping in the downtown district is WONDERFUL!

Anonymous said...

You weren't kidding....look at all that ribbon! I love the pink looks sheer?? I know you had a wonderful day, my friend -look at all the loot! ***Being one of Amy's close friends, I know first-hand how much she LOVES ribbon - she is not kidding when she says she was in Ribbon Heaven.

jb said...

is there one in georgia? LOL!