Tuesday, August 30, 2005

stock room blues

I am trying very hard to get my disorderly stock room back together. I've neglected this part of my business for way too long. Now it must be tended to before I break my neck navigating unsteady towers of boxes. What I would really love is a beautifully organized stock room decorated cheerfully with color. My surroundings should match the love that I put into my orders, right? I imagine how lovely it would be to have a table and chairs...a comfy easy chair...a colorful rug...and a tv! I would love to have a tv. Right now, though, I really just need to put things away and sweep and that sort of thing. I can daydream about a tv later.

Oh, but how nice to have something like this...

That's doable, right?

This is Parlez Vous Cards' owner Julianna's studio. She has the yummiest site... check it out

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