Friday, July 15, 2005


I had surgery today. I didn't tell you prior to today because I didn't want you to worry. I'm doing well, if a little loopy from the anesthesia. It was early this morning and I've slept for most of today. Rich is waiting on me hand and foot and I'm soaking it all in. Pretty soon I'm going to feel well enough to eat up all of the rest of the not so squeaky cheese curds. A nice customer in Wisconsin told me to pop them in the microwave for a tiny bit before they get melty and the squeakiness will come back magically. Curds, I think, go straight to the hips. I also bought some pink cheese because it was so pretty. I know, I know, I spent a lot of time in the dairy section.



Anonymous said...


I am so glad to know you're doing well after your surgery and that Rich is taking good care of you. I hope everything went okay.

Take care,

Allie said...

Hope your recovering nicely, and you're very luck to have Rich!

Debbie Overton said...

Amy, glad to see you are feeling better and back to posting. Debbie