Monday, December 31, 2007

shiny new

Here we are on the dawn of a shiny new year, sparkling with promise and brand-spanking newness!

What happy surprises are in store for you this year? How will you grow? How will you face set backs and disappointments? Will you rejoice in the beauty all around you? Will you make time to see it and take part in it? Will you give thanks, even during the most trying times? Will you use your life to connect with others? Will you recognize the beauty that is in you, that is uniquely you? Will you embrace your own style and not be tempted to be a facsimile of someone else? Will you shine?

The year begins fresh and new and so must you. Yesterday doesn't define's the promise of tomorrow and the realness of today.

I wish you all the very happiest of New Years! And most of all, I hope that 2008 is your sparkling year to dare to shine through, leaving a trail of twinkles behind you!


Jeanne said...

How very lovely and beautiful.
I love all that you share
Love Jeanne

wandm said...
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kristen said...

thanks amy. you have no idea how much i needed that this a.m.

and i thought it said "leaving a trail of TWINKIES behind you."
ba hahahaha.

happy new year to you sweetness.

Brooke said...

Happy New Year to you, Amy!

Pamela Jane said...

Sweet Amy, the best to you this New Year! You will have so much wonderful newness to polish and shine and to grow so beautifully through 2008. Blessings and best wishes in all your new adventures!!

stuffed said...

Happy New Year!

Karen said...

Dear Amy

Thanks for the inspiring note and wishes for the New Year- This will be a year of big changes for our family so your thoughts are much appreciated. All the best to you and your family for 2008 - Good luck with everything

GeorgiaPeachez said...

Happy New Year Amy!! I am looking forward to your blog in 2008! xo, suzy

Steph said...

Dearest Amy,
I just know that 2008 will be fabulous for you! I'll be sending you good wishes for a smooth visit on January 2nd.
Many hugs,

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post!

God Bless you with abundant Happiness and Wonderful New Experiences in 2008.


carol eldridge said...

wishing you and your new family a healthy and a happy New Year!
Glad that you liked all the gifts I sent to you.

use them well!!

carol eldridge

Iva said...

Dear Amy~
I wish you a year full of happiness and fulfillment. AND...for another SilverBella when we can share some art, stories, laughs and a drink or two. Love and hugs to you...Iva

Aunt T said...

Happy New Year. I wish you a very Happy and Successful 2008.


Tutti Chic said...

Happy New Year to you! Love this BLOG!!! :) chris

Sparkles & More..... said...


Happy New Year! I wish you a wonderful & blessed 2008......can't wait to hear about more of Amy's adventures! You inspire me.

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Oh Amy I so adore you I love the letters I got from Say it with Letters...thanks for the fantastic question self exploration...I always need something to help trigger the gratitude button through the grace of God I am a grateful person but when my will shoots up and I want something sooo bad it's hard to reflect so thanks for reminding me how good it is and how much sweeter the world is with you in it!! love, Jennifer