Thursday, December 27, 2007

can't I just rest here awhile?

Boy, am I ever tired! Between the rushing to get everything ready and the late nights and then the endless playing with nieces and nephews, I am exhausted.
But, as they say, no rest for the weary. Today, I tackle the coat closet that I never did get to last week. And then the office. Tomorrow, it's me against the basement. And we'll finish up getting all the rooms this weekend. Our inspection for foster care is on January 2nd...which is right around the corner! We still have lots to do but I think we can make it.
I got a new vacuum for Christmas from my brother-in-law, who'd picked my name. I'd asked for a maid but that was outside the budget. This nice vacuum was rated the best by Consumer Reports. I tested it last night and then in true Tom-Sawyer-style I said to Rich "Oh boy! You've got to try this new vacuum! It's so easy and fun and cool!"
It worked like a charm and he vacuumed the rest of the house. I wonder if it'll work a second time...
Hope lots of Christmas magic is still in the air for you. Did you get everything you wished for?
Let me know if you're interested in seeing before and afters of the coat closet. It'll be embarrassing (hopefully just the befores part) but I'm here to serve you. Maybe it'll make you feel better about your own coat closet, which I'm sure is lovely and organized and spacious.


a pink-bee said...

Maybe we could have a closet contest on who has the most stuffed into one ! I think I do :) I have got to get in ours tomorrow , to get the Christmas stuff back in !
crystal xo

Charmed said...

I just found your blog and I love it!! Your jewelry is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Oh coat closet is a disaster Amy! This time of the year when you open the doors mittens fall from the top shelves on your head and then you have to chase the dog to get them back....oh no...your closet couldn't be worse than mine!

Sounds like you have a swell Christmas and were good to so many. Glad someone was good to you, too! :)

Teresa McFayden

Nicole said...

Oh oh oh we should have a closet confessional. I'll show you mine endless-pit-with-a-door if you show me yours and then we can show their transformations!

Amy I just wanted to say I am so excited to be a small part of your journey towards fostering. I look forward to every blog you make about it and I just know that the children who will be blessed by you and Rich are going to feel like they are in a warm snuggley rich in love and kindness home. HOME being the main word there. You are creating such a special place for them. I don't know you but I am so proud to know of you.

Lesley said...

Sweet Amy,

We don't even have a coat closet! If you had been able to stay for a cup of tea last night, I would have had to hang your pretty pink coat in my little clothes corner in our bedroom (no closet there either!).

So rejoice in your ownership of a coat closet!

It was really lovely to see you and Rich. And please remember that this is only the third day of Christmas, and you have plenty more days to find some time in which to really rest before Ephiphany...that is what I keep telling myself.

With fond wishes for a beautiful New Year...

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Amy- Could you share what kind of vacuum you got? I'm on the verge of needing a new one and am very interested in any vacuum that could my hubby to do house work!