Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the room, part three

I think I skipped a few steps in between, but here's how the room's coming together...

Here's the view walking in...

This chest of drawers was Rich's growing up. I should say the third drawer down was his. He was one of 11 children so, well, one drawer was all he got. The best part about it? Open Rich's little drawer and you'll find the words "sweter" and "pants" and so on to designate the organization of his precious space. I tried to get a picture but it came out too dark. We painted this chest yellow years ago, before we were even married. I think I may jazz it up.

This toy bin is from Target (online) for just about $30. The tall red bookcase behind it was a wedding gift from Crate and Barrel. I've had the rocking chair since freshman year of college. I bought it unfinished and unassembled the summer before I went off to college. It's been with me ever since, though lately it's been stashed and forgotten in a guest room....until now!
This fun rug was an Ikea find. I'm going to get one for Seth too. I love it so much that I want to get down there on my hands and knees and play with it myself.

And now, for the very best part (in my opinion)...the bed. I bought the bed from my very sweet friends at the cottage for a whopping $50! I've loved this bed for a very long time but when I saw that sale price, I knew it had to be mine. Linda just delivered it on Monday, after painting it for me (gee! what a great friend!)

The bed was missing its finials. A long, long time ago I spotted my dream crib in a magazine. You've probably seen was an iron crib with little bunnies as finials all around. I've kept that idea in my head and knew I wanted to do something fun for finials for this bed. I found these little fat birds in the holiday section of Target. They were about $6 each. I primed them all white and they are awaiting a coat of paint to match the bed. When they get painted up pretty I'll give you a close-up.
I've been getting lots of sweet packages this week so far from my blog shower friends. I believe today is the official day to be showered...oh happy day! I'll be sure to show you all of the wonderful things that arrive by post.

In other news, I made a mistake with my friend mo's mo-made treasures. I was so won over by them I priced them a bit on the high side. Mo brought this to my attention this morning and I'll be fixing it right away.

And if you are in the need for last minute gift ideas (it doesn't feel like last minute to me but I think I'm in denial) I'll have a whole host of great things on the site later this day. Including (I promise!) glitter houses. I also have a really fabulous money gift card to show you with a pop-out of Santa handing you the folded up bill! It's old fashioned and lovely and affordable...just you wait to see!


Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Amy the room is so fabyoulous...a real wonderland.
I'm afraid I will miss the shower today but I have sent off my little sumpin' sumpin' to you with lots of love inside too.


Yummers! said...

I love, love, love the room! The bed is adorable as are all the pieces that make the delightful whole. How are you going to show off those whimsical characters on the quilt cover??
May this be your best Christmas ever!!

lulusparkles said...

it is all so sweet & welcoming! simply charming! but we would expect nothing else from you amy :)
the bird finials are my fave detail!

Bettsi McComb said...

Amy, it is a truly magical room. The future occupants are going to be so delighted! (Is the bookshelf anchored to the wall?) You really do have a talent for magic.

mel said...

what a great room! just think it will not be long until you are down on that rug playing! so much fun to look forward to. I think at target they have a cute wooden train set that goes nicely with those little play rugs. My girls got a set a couple of years ago and love playing with it on their rug!

Kari & Kijsa said...

What a fun and whimsical room! Can't wait to see all the goodies on the site! Love it!

kari & kijsa

Heidi ( said...

Amy, what a delightful room you've created! I imagine the first child to sleep in that bed will think of you forever as their personal "angel". I have my packaged ready to mail to you...but it's still sitting her today! Please know I'm thinking of you today, and your blog shower gift will be on it's way soon! {hugs}
Everyday Cookies

Babelfish said...

That's the best children's room I've ever seen! Loving the fabulous bed and beautiful wall! Fab Fab Fab!!

dede warren said...

This bedroom is a child's dream Amy! You have done an amazing job at putting it together!! I also love that you have something of you husbands (keep it Yellow,) and your rocker. You two are going to be great parents (I purposely dropped the foster, because a parent is a parent is a parent. Sometimes they are step, sometimes foster, sometimes adoptive, sometimes grand).

be well,

Anonymous said...

That bed is just SO gorgeous! What a find! This room is so sweet, with lots of whimsy. Fun stuff!

Tammy Mellish :)