Friday, September 20, 2013

love note

I can't tell you how much I love this card Alfredo made for me.

First, how sweet is this?

We have an ongoing contest between the two of us. I say I love him more...he says he loves me more. At some point during the day, after one of us does an extraordinary act of love for the other or if we are the last one to say it or say it more exuberantly, we declare that person winner for that round. Alfredo won yesterday with this declaration...irrefutable since he wrote it at school.

p.s. Alfredo wins every round. He will never concede that I win. The best he will give me is that we love each other precisely the same.

Here is the adorable picture he drew on the inside of the card. He's just started making more composed drawings. Before he might only draw a picture of me or a picture of a squirrel. But here we have a sky full of birds, a squirrel climbing a tree, and Alfredo and me sharing a watermelon picnic, the basket between us. I love everything about it.

Don't you?

Happy weekend!

I love you more!


Unknown said...

The birds were great. The watermelon is so sweet--straight from memories no doubt but the squirrel is FAB! You are so blessed and I know that you know it! Hmmm... I don't know if I love you or Alfredo more!!! See you in Vermont.

Debby said...

Ahhhhh, you were created for each other. I love the love you have for him even if he loves you more, lol.

Rachel and Pia's Cottage said...

Yes, I love it too. You are a great Mom Amy!

Waterfall said...

Very sweet! You are a wonderful mom and have a wonderful little boy!!

Lori said...


Seitvonzu said...

love it all . seriously cute :) you guys are an adorable twosome that's for sure

Saucy said...

This really made my heart sing. We used to play this game with Loopy, likening our amounts of love to specifics such as, "I love you around the world" or " I love you to the mom and back"... but we bust a gut laughing once when Loopy declared to Grandma, "I love you TWELVE dollars" which is, of course, a grand sum to a seven year old.

And to this day, we say "I love you twelve dollars" and we all know what that means <3

The Guamblogger said...

ok. after 7 pages. it's official. i love you and alfredo more!

may God always bless and keep you both.