Tuesday, December 4, 2012

not a creature was stirring...

We have 4 different countdowns going at once for the big day. What can I say...I love 'em! This one is a new favorite...

It's a printable, found here.
Here's the idea: You put little two-sided mice cut-outs into their little bed...as each day passes, one by one, you flip the mice over, put them to bed. Get it? "Not a creature was stirring"
There's a tab at the bottom of each mouse where you can include a message. I wrote a different fun Christmas activity for us to do each day.

Some of the activities include drawing Christmas pictures together, decorating our little room for Christmas, going to see Santa, driving to see the Christmas lights, and making fudge, cookies, etc.

Isn't it adorable?


Debby said...

He is cute. Looks like my granddaughter's hamster.
You are probably have so much fun.

Lucy said...

Yes Amy...it is adorable! :)

Mike Loveland said...


Thanks for featuring our advent calendar. It warms my heart someone out there is enjoying it. Makes it all worth making!