Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's all about ME

Mary Engelbreit that is...

Come on in!

It's Mary's Party!

It was like walking into a dream. First we toured the studio and there is something wonderful tucked in every nook...just take a look and see for yourself...

Below is a candid shot of Barbara Martin. She did a wonderful job putting this whole weekend together for us.

I love this idea above! They painted a wall with brightly colored magnetic paint and then used really strong magnets to hold up Mary's art. I'm thinking this would be a fun thing to do along a hallway in our house and cover the wall with Alfredo's artwork.  

This sofa is in the kitchen. I would like to live on it. 

It was so much fun crafting with sweet Charlotte again. 

And Kathy, seen here peeking behind my new friend Cindy, is such a generous and kind natural teacher. You wouldn't have believed the masses of materials she freely shared. And she is just so sweet.

We all made hats for the birthday party at the end of each day and Linda Warlyn's hat was everyone's favorite. It was a cake that pops open, Ann Estelle pops out, and a song plays. So much fun!

Here's the birthday girl herself. 

I'll have to show you all that I made. Maybe I can do that tomorrow. Oh, it was so much fun. I can't wait for the next one. If you love Mary as much as I do, you just have to come too. Meet me in St. Louis, Louis!

All photos are by my new friend Lucy Cornell. I was so paralyzed by cuteness that I didn't even take my camera out. 


Amy M. said...

What a wonderful event! I can't wait to hear more about it.

Crafting by Candlelight

cathy@home said...

What a lovely Party just love it
Happy Birthday

miss lynn said...

oh amy,
soooo happy
for you!!!
most definitely
looks like an
amy event!!
can't wait for
more show
and tell!
much love!

jenclair said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing these inspiring pictures!

Heidi said...

Lucky you! What a fun and inspiring time you had! Loved seeing every photo!
Hugs, Heidi

Elizabeth said...

Awe, ewverything looks so beautiful! I wish I could someday become a part of it. <3 Congrats to all those that participated. ;) GBY!

Lorrie said...

I can just imagine all the fun you had. Lovely party.

Cherie Wilson said...

Amy you are a doll! Such fun seeing you at ME! I just loved seeing your projects come to life.....and your sweet friend Pam too. There is a reason you are behind Inspire Co.~ what an inspiration you are. And thank you for offering the hard copies. Not so much to pay, afterall I have seen them in person now. Just beautiful! You too:) XO

jone hallmark said...

Can't believe you and Charlotte were in the same place and I wasn't there!!!
It looks like it was a blast!!!
Maybe I'll get to come next time....

Cherry Chick said...

I'm so envious! It looks like it was a wonderful party. Thanks for letting us who couldn't make it live through you vicariously.
One day I'm hoping to make it to these special events. I'm happy you had the chance to go.

deb said...

What a dream that must have been. I remember walking into a Mary Engelbreit store while I was on vacation. The doors were glass with her signature cherries as doorknobs. Sounds like an amazing time. Can't wait to see more.