Thursday, March 3, 2011

making it....

I spared no time at all. Soaked in inspiration from days of organizing all my stuff, I set to work making these baskets for gifts. I used Amy Hanna's instructions (eh hem--found in the magazine) I aged them a bit using antiquing medium that I painted on and then wiped off. Then I coated them in glitter. It was so much fun...I have 4 more to make. I'm dreaming up something really sweet to set in them...


Anonymous said...

Amy: Could you maybe put a link up of the proper mold to use? I have never done this technique and was unsure of which one to get. LOVE your Inspired Ideas! You are FABULOUS!

miss lynn said...

i made these
too!!! love them!
i posted about
it a couple of
days ago...
can't wait to
make more.
such a pretty

Sharon Stanley said...

my mind spins with possibilities for using these little pretties!

Suz said...

Those are so soft and beautiful. I wish I had time to sit down and make some but it is not possible right now. We are off to Stanford on Monday and they will decide if Jud is now operable (after chemo and radiation). We are nervous! Please remember us in your prayers, Amy!