Tuesday, May 11, 2010

snack boxes and the garden's pretty ladies

Here's a picture of one of the snack boxes I made. It has a lot of candy, doesn't it?

(The picture from yesterday was my inspiration...not my own creation)

It's surprising how much each little section holds.

And I'm so happy that these ladies have made their appearance. I've been eagerly awaiting them. When I raise the shade in the family room every morning, Alfredo always says (even on the most miserable looking days) "Oh what a lovely day!" and then we talk about how my peonies will be blooming any day. (Except he says "panties!")

This pink one is my favorite...doesn't it look like a fluffy prom dress? I love it!

Okay, back to laundry and packing and getting ready...later today I will update the counted blessings project with two new squares!


Leslie said...

I love this idea! It's pretty and yummy. And the flowers are beautiful!!!

Domestic Bloggess said...

Oooh! I love the idea for treats on the plane. Perfect for any kind of long trip for that matter!

Also, your peonies are unreal! I am very jealous as I live in Manitoba in Canada and my peonies have only just begun to sprout out of the ground after a relatively short winter for us - meaning that they are sprouting WAY earlier than usual and yet still will likely only be full bloom in July!

Sonja said...

What a lucky little traveler! Thank you for the snort out loud about your "panties"- Guess that makes them bloomers? What a precious boy.

maryann said...

Your peonies are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Hope you have a lovely time in California!

decortive cardboard boxes said...

one word....gorgeous! Love the arrangements..can I get you to do my mums 50th bday:)?