Monday, November 30, 2009

$25 FREE!

Can you believe this? OpenSky is offering a $25 gift certificate (no minimum purchase, free shipping!) to all of you! Just use this coupon code: amy2509 and you'll get $25 off just like that.

The fine print...$25 off coupon, Good for any OpenSky item (not just in my shop!), No minimum purchase, Free shipping, Limit one per customer, Starts: NOW!, Expires: When they run out of's for the first 1000 customers across all of the shops at OpenSky. Good only for US and Canada shoppers (sorry rest of the world!)

If you have any problems, email or call (877) 734-OPEN (6736), Monday to Friday, between 8 AM and 5 PM Eastern time.

Tell me how you spend your $ could get something small for free...or really splurge and save $25!

Have fun shopping!

YIKES! there's so much traffic going over to OpenSky that the servers crashed...they're on it! Try back soon if you can't get in now....

DOUBLE YIKES! They went through the 1000 codes in record time...sorry to all those who tried and weren't quick enough. Let's try again next month, shall we? This time, I'll give you a heads up!


i {heart} papers said...

It was hard to get in, but I finally did! I got the pom-pom maker and the Jelly Bean fiber assortment! Fun! Thanks for the code!

Suz said...

All done, Amy. Said they blew through in six hours.
Oh well! I did have something spotted there so I may order anyway...

Doreen said...

I got some fiber assortments to give my Mom for Christmas! What a deal! Thanks!