Thursday, February 5, 2009

how I'm wasting my time instead of working

We went to the car show yesterday and I fell in love with the VW Routan. Love at first site. It looked like a lounge inside. I imagined for myself a very nice life with a car like that.

The reality of it is that we will probably have to buy a used car. Normally I would say there's nothing wrong with buying a used car. It makes sense. But a used minivan is another story. I see what abuse these things go through and it makes me really, really want a new one. Rich's side of the story: WE are about to put a van through all of that anyway. Does it make sense to buy a new van that we might end up trashing ourselves? My answer: yes.

I have a lot of lobbying to do. I think I might end up driving around an old van filled with somebody else's cheerios and french fries and juice cup spills and poo poo accidents.

I still have a million things to do but I haven't been very good about doing them. Mostly what I've been doing is
  • cataloging all the things that need to be done
  • spending hours searching online for things I would like to buy (for instance, combing ebay for a set of brio tracks to make a train table out of a coffee table or searching endlessly for a stroller built for 3) but never really committing to buy a thing
  • Worrying about how I'll ever manage to really take care of three children at once
  • Thinking about all of the things I really should do now before they come like use the spa gift certificate Rich gave me for my birthday almost a year ago which probably expires soon
  • Fretting over the living room wall some more

    The list goes on and on. There's nothing really productive on it. Although I did manage to finish one thing today...a sparkly sweet that's something of a surprise.

    My friend Lorraine said that I shouldn't feel bad about whiling away a day doing not much of anything. I should glory in the quiet stillness of it all, savoring this very moment...the calm before the storm.

    Anonymous said...

    I think we're related. I get all stressed out and make lists of what I need to do and then look at the list and get stressed out.
    You DEFINITELY deserve a new van. You made me laugh out loud with that poo poo comment!
    And I think Lorraine is right. Enjoy a day of calm by yourself - they are about to go away.
    And go to that spa!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    I agree! Enjoy this "lazy" time to yourself where you can just think slowly. :)
    Tell Rich you have another vote for the new van. I had never thought of the grossness of a "used" van, but now I think I always will!
    ~~Kristin R

    Amy M. said...

    Your friend Lorraine is absolutely right! It's hard to take time for ourselves sometimes, though. My husband gave me massage gift certificates for my birthday in May and I haven't used them yet. Every time I think about it, I tell myself "But that is time away from Baby!!!"

    Anonymous said...

    Amy, I just have to say.. new or used leather seats are very kid friendly, fabric not so much. I know the leather is more expensive but the happy meal cup spills clean up so much easier, as does vomit and other awful suprises! It pays for me!Stacey mom to 4 kiddos

    Anonymous said...

    New van! New van! Come on Rich!! New van! Oh and a stroller for three, that kind of sounds like a van, I've been happy with the chicco double stroller, has good prices and free shipping. Enjoy the quiet before the storm indeed!!

    Joy said...

    Oh, I know! That routan is killing me. I love their commercials- so typical VW and they crack me up every time. Alas, our family of seven is outgrowing typical minivans. I second the recommendation for leather, it's so worth it!

    I know what's that like- the surfing endlessly one day- I think I've done it every time I've found I'm pregnant-it sort of helps you to wrap your mind around it all- for free. Sort of lets you 'try things on' before the real thing happens, a practice run?

    Tammy said...

    I bought a new van when my first born was 10 mos. old. Loved it.
    It had fabric seats. I put down a special cover that goes under car seats to keep the seats looking nice. I got the seat cover from a children's catalog. Can't remember which one. I had another baby. We kept the van for 6 years total. It was a lease and we turned it in, in great condition. The right sippy cups won't leak and those seat covers did the trick!

    Anonymous said...

    You can find a good used minivan that looks nice. I have a several over the years and just got a Honda Odessey last year. You just have to look and get lucky!
    Mary Sue

    mo said...

    Check this out- it will make you laugh-
    I also say leather is the way to go and one vomited up costco dog all the confirmation I needed on that one! Soak up all the peace and quiet you can now so you can feel refreshed when those lovelies get to you. Have you tried craigslist for the brio? Second hand children's clothing stores sometimes have them too.

    Anonymous said...

    Amy. If you get a used van....and don't fret if you do....more money for decorating, I say....anyway, if you get a USED word...
    They'll shampoo it and clean each and every vent with a q-tip.

    Penelope said...

    Can't help with the van...but IKEA does cheap wooden train sets, totally worth it. And you might be better getting a double stroller and a little skateboard thing for the back - little Miss might not want to sit much.
    You are a good person Amy

    Wanda said...

    Go for the VW....we've got a VW Jetta Wagon and we all love it. They are great vehicles. Worth the money and they tend to keep their value, their safety standards are need to use man logic. :) I picked out car....I did the research and he was sold (especially after going to the dealership and trying it out)....that German engineering. :) Good luck with all the little things on your'll get it done...don't stress and use that gift certificate before it expires. :)

    Cupcake Dessert said...

    you definately deserve a new van!! and don't stress out about the living room wall!! i thought i looked cute both ways!! especially since you have little angels coming :)

    Anonymous said...

    It can make even the worst carpet look AMAZING! It can be a bit pricey, but the cars look and smell soooo good after you have them detailed. Try for a used Honda Odyssey minivan or the Chevy Town and Country.

    *both have extended height, so much easier to buckle up the kiddies in their car seats and move around room for you and Rich.
    *Stow and Go storage.
    *Seats that totally collapse.
    *Room for 3 car seats across the back row.

    The car is insignificant really in the scheme of things. Eating dinner together, taking a scavenger hunt walk around your neighborhood, bathtime...

    Loraine said...

    Don't forget a dvd player... they are wonderful for long trips!!! :-)

    So very happy for you.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Amy! It's not the calm before the's the calm before the carnival...a never-ending 24/7 carnival (if you like carnivals...otherwise it's the calm before a 24/7 party at The Cottage! ;) Of course you deserve anything your heart desires, but I'm with Rich on the car thing - get a used car, trash it, feel great passing it on to another family with kids when the time comes and pocket that extra money for dates, a housekeeping service,BABYSITTING, little treats for you when your energy is low, etc. xo corinne

    Anonymous said...

    As someone who just went through becoming an instant mama to several little ones (but not twins!) I want to share some tips. The first week, you'll be completely overwhelmed and realize you can't possibly do this. The second week, you'll get to actually sleep a few hours at night. The third week, you'll be sitting there with them doing an art project and realize that you can do it after all! If anyone can handle three at once, it is you and Rich.

    Timmy Radloff said...

    Well, it's okay to relax after looking for a van you like. Someday you'll get to grab that Routan after the tasks on the list have been achieved and completed. After all, having a beautiful van is indeed a rewarding thing.