Monday, April 28, 2008

happy hour

Ahhh...naptime, the new happy hour. I saw that title on a book the other day and laughed out loud (really!) I have been cheating lately, taking Baby on a daily drive to McD's for my sweet tea, timed perfectly so that he'd be asleep by the time we got home. Or sneaking him a milk bottle for the morning walk to lull him. Today I put him in the bed and waited out the cries (screams!) I just checked in on him and there he is, little bottom poking up in the air, sound asleep. Allelujah! I have to admit though that the trip to McD's is much, much easier on both of us.

I've been hard at work getting the May 1 update ready. I can't wait for you to see. That picture is a little sneak for you of some new things I'm making to offer in the shop, along with the delightful things from my inspiredfriend.

I never really know how long a nap will last so I'd better get to afixing labels and ushering boxes out the door. For some reason, I can never manage that feat well with Baby tugging at my feet or perched on my hip.


Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

I love "happy hour",
I call it "ME" time!
Enjoy your time with baby as they grow so fast you will soon be missing the days when they need you!

I love your sweet lil birdies...too too cute!

Have a fun day,

Kari said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean! I'm enjoying my happy hour right now:) Can't wait to see the goodies are you are creating. They look fabulous!

Susan said...

What wonderful little birds! Can't wait to see more! And I always feel guilty for calling naptime the best part of my day, but it is! (Probably because it's just long enough to miss my little ones and look forward to their waking.)

Unknown said...

I think whatever works for you both, is a good thing! You get to have your tea, and baby gets to have a lovely nap!My kids are teenagers now, what I wouldnt give to occasionally go back in time to that age, though patience wears a bit thin as you get a bit older!
Love the sneak peek!

Debi Ward Kennedy said...

We don't care what you use to bribe babym dear Amy, as long as you can find time to keep creating such lovelies to share with us!!!

(And it is just OH so unfair that your McD's has sweet tea.....I woudl kill for some!);0)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say how much I love your blog, your crafts and your oh so sweet posts about Baby. Seeing that there is a new post from Inspireco on my RSS feed lifts my heart. Thanks for all you do.

Piper said...

oooohh! Can't wait for the birdies!

Mary-Catherine said...

Ahh...the famous nap-time hustle! the rush to get done all the simple tasks you used to never bat an eyelash at. Yes, I know this precious time very well. :) I used my "happy hour" today to frost my cupcakes!