Tuesday, January 31, 2006

i've got a case of the gimmees

Do you know how children sometimes get the gimmees when they are out shopping...I want this...give me this! And it seems to be at its worse when they are used to getting something everytime they go out.

Well, today I have the gimmees. I want these suitcases. They are pink and I need them. I want them. I need them. Gimmeeeee.

Reality check: $500 for one suitcase? For someone who rarely travels?

But it's so darned cute. PINK for heaven's sake...and did you see inside! Oh Mama!


Montreal Mama said...

These are very cute. Maybe they sell for less on Ebay!

Anonymous said...

OMG - I want them as accessories for my home! They're so darn cute they shouldn't be 'stored' in a closet!!


staceykingman said...

Oh, my! These ARE yummy, aren't they?