Thursday, December 1, 2005

more of my wish list...

Here's a cute little change purse...

A money box? Intriguing. I would like it filled with money. :)

Note to Rich: I know you are going to say I have too many cups and mugs but I really love this one. I think I would choose it everyday and if you made me, I'd throw out all of those others if I could just have this sweet one. I like the other styles too if you feel like getting more than one.

I spotted this at Target a few months ago and have been kicking myself since because I didn't buy it. It would be so swell for my projects.

I love this...pajamas packaged in a little suitcase!

I would like to learn to felt. Here's a kit to help me get started. :)

All of my projects are stored in suitcases. I would love this sweet luggage rack for them.

I'll continue my wishlist tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

that coin purse is absolutely adorable

Franklin said...