Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Sorry for the stumper...the fish's name is Lion. I'm not sure what made me think that someone might guess it. I'll have another (better) contest soon.

They had these lovely Chinese Lanterns at my grocery store and I just couldn't resist. I'll bet you know someone else who can't resist them...everytime I look, Alfredo is dangerously close to squeezing them to pieces. Yesterday when I told him to stop what he was doing he said "But they are just so crumply!"

I'm hard at work getting the magazine ready...I'm aiming for next week but that deadline is fast approaching. And poor Alfredo has come down with some sort of Summer cold or bout of allergies...all he wants to do is cuddle up.


Laura said...

Hi Amy, I always enjoy reading what you and sweet little Alfredo are up to. Just wanted to give you a bit of a heads up on the Chinese Lanterns. I believe they're on the list of plants that can be toxic to children. I thought you'd want to check it out. Love your blog!


For the Love... said...

The Chinese Lanterns are beautiful and I know they would be tempting to touch by any child. I have never saw these in real life before but if I every run into them I will have to purchase some. Great blog.

lynnk said...

of course! lion!! i think it sounds perfectly like a name alfredo would pick!!

and i love that he says 'they're crumply'! what a sweetie

Waterfall said...

Those Chinese lanterns are beautiful!

Anne has a toy named Lion. It's a lion. Geez, I feel so uncreative now, because I'm the one who named it! :-)