Monday, September 20, 2010

idea no. 3: cigar box stages

 I've had this idea running around in my head for a while and I'm so happy to share it with you in the magazine.

I'm especially pleased with how the real wood floors, fashioned from wooden coffee stirrers turned out. For wider planks, you can use popsicle sticks!

And wouldn't it be fun to hang these stages on the wall and change the show when the mood strikes?


Molly said...

I love these! I think they would make great gifts and you could find different things to put in them each season. Like hearts for valentines, christmas tree for chirstmas, witches and goblins for halloween, oh the possibilities! Thinking I need to hit my local cigar shop and see if I can get a box to start decorating with this weekend :)
~Molly P

Julie said...

Totally fun!! Love.

Katsui Jewelry said...

That is so adorable. I have always loved little paper stages and your is truly you!