Monday, June 2, 2008

quiet morning

Hello sweet friends. June? Already? You've got to be kidding!

The house is still quiet but I can hear some waking up noises coming from the monitor. When Baby wakes up, he cries out just once or twice and then sits in his crib, patiently waiting for one of us to come get him. Then when we get there, he hurries to the end of his bed to eagerly show us one of his "friends" on his dresser near the bed. Maybe today it will be his pink pig, or the sheep with the party hat, or the little boy holding the rabbit. It is just so cute.

Hope you have a good day, my friends. He's just cried out so I'm off to see what it'll be today.


Michelle said...

I just love your blog and visit it from time to time to see what's "new"

Thanks for the how to on the pretty little paper frock! It's just the thing I needed.


Christine said...

I made a sweet dress and attached it to a thank you note for my girlfriend. I can't wait for her receive it! I have to ask...where ever did you find the paper used to make this dress? it's amazing! please share...

amy said...

Christine, my friend, that paper is by Anna Griffin...both the inside paper and the outside paper are actually the same!

rochambeau said...

Nice dress form!
Like it LOTS!