Tuesday, June 24, 2008

catching up

Seth asked me to take a picture of him today. It reminds me of one I took of him a couple of years ago with a strawberry stained mouth and him holding up a bird whistle. He has the same expression on his face in both, I think.

Can you believe he's 6 now? I think lots of you have watched him grow up these last 3years.

My parents and Seth are heading home tomorrow. It's been a fun visit, I'm happy to report.

The christening was on Sunday and was really a beautiful ceremony...very personal and sweet. Baby loved the water pouring over him and he was so gleeful the whole day. Well, except for one little tantrum when we decided he'd had enough cake.

Is it wrong that we had a Heaven and Hell cake (angel food and devil's food) for the reception?

Tomorrow I'll have to hit the ground running to catch up after playing hooky so much lately.

p.s. I found that picture from a couple of years ago of Seth that I referred to in this post. It's not really as similar as I'd thought. Oh, and you can see his short new 'do. buzz buzz. He told Rich that it was a number 2 cut. Then he went on to say he could've gotten a number 5 and he almost got a number 3...it took us a while to understand that those were settings on the hair trimmer his barber uses! Ha!


tricia said...

I LOVE the idea of a heaven and hell cake :)

Anonymous said...

Seth looks just like a little angel BUT he IS a little boy so the cake choice was just perfect! I had to look up a recipe for this as I had never heard of Heaven and Hell cake before. Too funny, and it sounds MARVELOUS!! - Kathy

Lindsay said...

I love the cake Idea as well!

btw- I was wondering, what ever happened to club little house? I had always wanted to join, but never quite got around to it...

Laurie said...

I hope this isn't intrusive: but how could you get Baby christened? When I my two were fosters (they're ours now!), we couldn't even get their hair cut without birth mom's permission. Was this Baby's birth mom's request? Idea? Religion? Church?
I'm just curious about the protocol, not Baby's specific situation- please don't think that I am in any way prying or judging.

amy said...

Hi, Laurie. I couldn't find an email on your blog so I thought I'd just answer you here. It was the baby's mother's idea and decision to have him christened. We have the same restrictions about getting his hair cut...isn't that a peculiar thing?! Thanks for checking in! And I don't mind the question.