Monday, June 30, 2008

please wait here

We survived the emergency room waiting room. They're not kidding when they call it a waiting room (and I think they are joking calling us "patients"). It took about an hour and a half to get the form filled out. But in all seriousness I was worried that it would take all morning.

I've been working hard to get everything ready for tomorrow. This little picture is a sneak peek in case you want to guess who the inspiredfriend is this go 'round. Check back in tomorrow morning...should be up by 8:30 am EST (and quite possibly a little sooner!)


Jessi Nagy said...

hope all is ok!!
i will be back in the morning!!

Heather Simpson-Bluhm said...

oh ooh, I know who it is! I am so excited! Yay

Glad it was too bad at the ER. What a pain.

Jennifer Hayslip said...

Hello Miss Amy, Glad to hear the trip to the ER wasnt AS bad as you expected. Nothing like waiting around forever! LOL!!! Im sooo excited right now I cant STAND it! I adore the sneak peek. ;) XOXO