Friday, June 13, 2008

the early bird

I woke up this morning at 5. My body just seemed to have gotten enough rest and my mind was already working. I've already done some sorting and stashing and I've managed to clean off the kitchen table, which was smothered in junk.

I'm enjoying a nice cup of coffee, which feels nice on my raw throat. Maybe it's just me getting old but it seems like I wake up with a sore throat nearly every morning. I'm afraid to ask if I've been snoring. I think I know the answer, and it ain't pretty.

There is some pretty big news that I have to share. Baby's mother asked me to arrange for him to be baptized. And, best news of all for us, she's asked Rich and me to be his godparents! We are just so happy! This will be a lifelong, permanent connection to this little guy. So wonderful.

The mom is still working to get her life on track. To be honest, though, without divulging details, she doesn't seem to be working as hard as she should. I don't mean to make judgments. The next court date is in October and the goal of everyone is supposed to be Baby's return to his mother by then. He's still only visiting with his mother for just an hour a week. That's heartbreakingly little time. I wish she'd see the urgency of it all, for his sake, but sadly she seems resigned to the one hour weekly visit and doesn't seem to be doing much to change it.

The house is starting to make waking up sounds...I think I'll finish this (now cooled) cup of coffee and see about picking up some of these toys littering the floor. It's amazing how much more he loves his toys when he can start afresh with his tossing and sorting and general playing.


Jeanne said...

How sweet and special are your times with this most lovely child.
I hope all goes well for this child all through life.
Love Jeanne

I too get up very early~
Love Jeanne

Christine said...

I got up extra early this morning, too. That's wonderful news about becoming the Godparents. I'm sure the situation is difficult, but you were brought into baby's life for a reason and I'm sure the love you are surrounding that child with will always be with him.

Enjoy your friday.

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful Godparent news! I hope the mother will see what she is missing out on all this time and all you have done for him.
As for that throat of yours, every night I put 3 decaf green tea bags and 3 decaf peppermint tea bags in a pitcher of cool water and throw in the fridge. I drink almost all of it in the morning! It is so refreshing, especially in the summer!
Best wishes always,

Susan said...

What wonderful news about being Baby's godmother. And I know this isn't the politically correct response, but I personally am glad that Baby is spending this critical formative time with you. The early years of a child's life set the foundation for the remainder in an almost irrevocable way (for better or worse.) The fact that he is in your capable, creative, loving hands (as opposed to his birth-mother's if she's not up to it right now) is going to impact him positively for the rest of his life!!

Waterfall said...

That is wonderful news! I am so happy for you, my dear Amy (& Rich)!

holly abston said...

The news of you becoming Baby's Godparents is such a blessing. Oh, Amy, I know this sounds terrible, but I just wish you could adopt this little guy. I know you would always allow his mother visits with him, for his sake, anyway. It just seems that God is working here, softening the mother's heart toward you, so I know whatever happens will be good.

Anonymous said...

I have just come across your blog today,I love it .please could I add you to my fave blog list?

I'm not up to scratch with your story but I hope all works out for the best for baby and you love and
God bless him from sesga xx ps come and visit my blog I would like that .

B said...

Thirteen years ago this month, my husband and I got custody of his two great nieces, then 4 & 5 years old. It was supposed to be temporary, until one or both parents could get their acts together to take them back. That time never came and 5 years ago we gained permanent guardianship and mom's visitation was terminated. I hope that your story turns out like ours, that is, I hope you get to eventually adopt him, because you and your hubby ARE his parents! I'll be praying for you all. :) Brenda (B'z Place)

BailiwickDesigns said...

I'm so happy for you and Rich! What a blessing to know you'll always be a part of Baby's life. ::Jill

Saucy said...

Congratulations friend, what a luck babe indeed.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

As someone who grew up in foster care, let me say "Thank you". You are making more of a difference than you may ever know.

Judy said...


Truly, what could be more fantastic than being allowed to have a spiritual influence on this boy for the rest of his life!

God is working...