Wednesday, August 15, 2007

pooped (unillustrated)

Today I worked on my books a little bit and then I decided I couldn't do another thing until I cleaned the office. Enough is enough. So I took everything out of the office and into the front hall, cleaned, windexed and vacuumed. And then, with random stacks and boxes of things still populating the front hall, I pooped out.

Tomorrow I'll tackle those stacks. I'll file and toss and box up for donations and banish things to a dark corner of the basement.

I think I told you once before that my hometown is a papermill town. And as I was coming up, the mill still blew a whistle to mark the beginning of the workday, lunch break and the end of the day. And we could hear this whistle at home. "Get out of bed...didn't you hear the whistle? It's after 7!" or "There's the's lunchtime" or "Hurry and get in the car! The whistle blew and we have to go pick up Daddy!"

Today, I swear just before I pooped out, I heard that old friend blow her sound. "Hooooooooo....."


June said...

I'm pooped, too! I've been doing the same thing you're doing in cleaning my office and redefining my space. It's overwhelming and now I'm going to take a break as I hear that whistle blowing.

Saucy said...

It's nice to get things done, isn't it? Cleaning spaces must be in the air... it's time to get organized for fall. I'm doing it too. Good luck my friend!

Merci-Notes said...

Now that is romantic!
Sometimes we can hear the church bells.