Monday, August 6, 2007

inspiration, courtesy of lilli

My boxful of inspiration courtesy Lilli arrived this weekend...and what magic!

Well, just see for yourself...

Lilli hoped that she'd recreate the feeling she had as a child opening a gift..."pure Heaven" she said. That's precisely what she did for me.

I had so much fun opening bundle after bundle...feeling so inspired I could burst with it all.

The colors are all so vibrant and yummy. And the details! A feast for my eyes!

One of my favorite things is the needlebook-inspired token book. Isn't it wonderful? Each of the tokens is removable. It's just so lovely and so beautifully made. And thoughtful! Just listen to this: "Perspective: Look at things in a different way. Ask yourself how everyday objects would look if they were made with unusual materials. Always write down your ideas for future reference." I love it!

You know me...I love the candy too. I love how it looks. And I love how it tastes. The tiny meringue-like candies taste almost exactly like ice cream cones (the kind we'd get as kids in a rainbow of colors with phoney names we'd adopt for the Louise and Mary and I the only one who remembers those cones?!) These candies are called "Iced Gems" by Jacob's Biscuits...Lilli bought them at a British imports store.

I told Lilli that I have plans to pack the inspiring patchwork bag full of magazines and books and head off for the biggest, shadiest tree in the park. I'll pack a snack and while away the afternoon. Ahhh...someday soon, I hope. When this heatwave passes. Yes.

Lilli also included a little satchel of bits and pieces from her collection of India-inspired textiles. I adore the vibrancy of these...they are alive with color! Yet so delicate and petal-perfect.

The polka dot scarf reminds me of a bubblegum machine. I love the whimsy of it..."pure perky color" Lilli says.

The children's illustration cards are from Lilli's collection of vintage children's book. She went through them all looking for dolls and dollhouses just for me.

She also included two of her paper packs...chockful of amazing papers and sparkly things and the most wonderful crocheted flowers. Oh so yummy.

I can't believe how much joy and inspiration is packed into this one box. It must be magic. It'll be a long time before I'll bring myself to use any of this...I just love it too much to see it change into something else.

Not yet, anyway.

If you'd like a bite of this eye candy for yourself, visit Lilli's Etsy shop.


Daisy said...

Ohhh my Amy. It just makes you want to sigh and dissolve into all those goodies. Lucky you, I'll be sure to stop by and take a look at the store. Thank you for sharing it all.
Daisy xxx

m i c h e l l e said...

Oh my! Every last bit of this inspiration is so incredibly fabulous! Lilli has a phenomenal eye and is just SO clever at putting stuff together! Enjoy it all and you're a lucky Bella, indeed!

Seeing that beautiful "inspireco" bag Lilli made just for you makes me even more excited that I ordered one of those totes too! I just can't wait to get it!

Enjoy all that goodness and those sweet treats too!

jessi nagy said...

wow amy!
You got some great stuff!
jessi nagy