Tuesday, August 7, 2007

an extra helping of pink

For a long time, my dear friend Lesley has been talking about a bundle of pink things she's been saving for me. And last week, she sent it to me.

It was wrapped so sweetly, so simply.

My favorite is the sheet music with the curly haired girl whom Lesley said reminded her of me. And pink photo corners? Vintage? Yes, please! I love the brightness of the pink spool and the pink bias tape. And the pink vintage clothing tag reminds me of going downtown to shop at Leggett's with my mother, and their green vinyl floor with tiny squares and the center wide staircase that seemed dangerously tall.

How about these fabulous bags? There's about a hundred of them! Me-ow! I love them!

Did you spy the Doris Day sheet music for "I Speak to the Stars"? Speaking of Doris Day, did you know that this saturday, starting at 6 am, a full day of Doris Day movies is scheduled on TCM. Yes, indeedy. Starting with "My Dream is Yours" which has a sweet and clever Easter animation, combined with live action with none other than Bugs Bunny. It was Warner Bros. afterall! I'll see if I can find it on You-tube.

Anyway, Saturday is a line up of 12 back-to-back Doris Day movies, taking you all the way to Sunday morning. Pure bliss!

I'll be back in a bit to show you more sweet things. You really wouldn't believe the parade of fabulous things marching through my door everyday. Especially with Club Little House in full swing. Holy moses! You just won't believe your eyes!

I took pictures of my contribution (still underway, I hate to admit) and I'm sitting on my hands to keep from showing it to you. Maybe a peek?


a pink-bee said...

Please a Peek ! :)

June said...

What a wonderful pink-themed gift package. I love Doris Day movies!

There have been a number of postings on blogs and Flickr of the actual littles being made which is fascinating but I love the surprise of discovering them in the big package you send. So, if you do decide to post a picture, I'm going to try to pretend I don't see it (I don't even peek at Christmas gifts before it's time to open them). It's kind of like I want to know but I don't really want to know quite yet (I'm too weird for words).

Lilli said...

That's a lovely little collection of pink pretties you have there! It's enough to make you smile with sheer nostalgic joy :)

Doris rocks!

anita said...
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anita said...

Oh a peek, please? Pretty please with a cherry on top??

Cupcake said...

Oh I am all over that Doris Day thing. Could you please remind me so I don't forget. And bring a little rain my way so that I can watch guilt free instead of working outside and watching my kids play.

Thank you!

teresa mcfayden said...

Okay, time's up! It's 4:45pm my time...I'm anxiously awaiting pix of your CLH peeks!! :)

Amy Wagner said...

I love all the pink things you received. You write so vividly about going to that store. I remember going downtown to visit Woolworths with my Mom as a child. The lunch counter always seemed intriging to me.
I also love a good Doris Day movie....wait---was there ever a BAD Doris Day movie??