Wednesday, December 20, 2006

for two little girls on my list...

I spotted this little house (marketed as a cd holder) at Michael's and thought it would make an adorable dollhouse.

It's amazing what a difference paint, paper and glue made. I painted the entire piece first with a slightly glossy paint. The effect of the second coats was a sweet painterly wash that I really like. I shingled the roof with scallop-cut strips of polka dotted paper. I made a door and window for the front with patterned paper and added a button as the doorknob.

Inspired by Moki and Alicia, I made little occupants for the fresh new houses using pegs from the unfinished wood section of the craft store. I wrapped the bottom of them with a strip of scrapbook paper. And I added felt arms to the sides. They kind of look like they are wearing moo-moos, doesn't it?

I used illustrations from a 1930's children's book for the framed pictures...the frames were found in the scrapbook section of the craft store.

One more thing to cross off my list. Hopefully I'll have some more fun things to show you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

So cute! Your darling girls remind me of stylish fisher*price little people. I want one of these dollhouses to play with. Great job!

Anonymous said...

My daughter is sitting with me and she said 'Let's see what the after looks like....tooooo cuuuute!!" We love the colors and the little dolls do look like Fisher Price people. Too fun.

Cerri said...

Amy, I am doing the same thing for my neice..except I am doing a set of 3 houses for her, and I am not quite finished with them yet. I thought they were so cute when I saw them too!
Love the way yours turned out and love your little ladies there! I had not thought of felt arms, but think I will do that for my little ladies too! Great idea!

Kim said...

Oh that is just the cutest thing! You are so creative! And, you have some very lucky nieces!

Alicia P. said...

How adorable, Aimee. They do look like they are decked out in their resort-wear for the season :-)

June said...

What a wonderful and special Christmas gift project--it is too adorable for words. You make the most marvelous creations and I love reading about them. Thank you for sharing your work--the recipients are going to be ecstatic.

Anonymous said...

Another great idea! I guess I know where I am going today. I hope our Michael's has these fun little houses.
Thanks again for sharing all your wonderful creativity!


cruststation said...

What a transformation! will you decorate my house? Beautiful exterior, pink is perfect for little girls and everything inside wow, I'm sure it'll be their best present ever!

N. said...

I saw a similar project on another blog - thought it was a brilliant idea! I bought the dollhouse/cd holders and will be packaging them up with crafty bits and paint for the girls to decorate their houses with themselves. I too was planning on making peg dolls - it's so neat to see your version! They look so happy in their muumuus!

moki said...

well isn't that the cutest house for little peg dolls! I might have to go pick one up!

Cheryl said...

It's Cheryl here and I am reading back in your archives and how funny is this....I am doing something with this very same little wood "house" AND....a half doll....AT THIS VERY MOMENT! So funny you mentioned both! I can't WAIT for you to see what I"m's a hint...I'm SEW EXCITED ABOUT IT! ;) I'll show you when I'm done. By the way I love your sweet little house...adorable...hugs to you! cheryl :)

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