about amy

I was born third of four children. My brother is the youngest and only boy and I have two older sisters.

Like most middle children, I entertained myself marvelously. An active imagination decorated my world and occupied my mind. I made art, wrote stories, and told the most extravagant lies you've ever heard.

I still remember precisely what it was like to be that little girl. She still lives inside my heart.

But now here I am in my 40's, married to a wonderful man and mother to one little boy.

It's a magnificent story about how we happened to become parents to him, the kind that seems more like a fairy tale than a real story. Care to read about it? Click here , here , here , here , here,  and here.  
When I became a mother, my life shifted, as I imagine every new mother's life does. Things that were utterly important before were suddenly much less so. And things you can't imagine would be important at all, like making a fresh batch of playdough, has become my life. And boy do I ever love this life.

When I say I'm happy now I want you to know that I mean it. I thought I was happy before but now there's no doubt. I'm embracing this life with joy and zeal and would love to share it all with you here on this blog.

This isn't quite a crafting blog. And it's not really a mommy blog. If you saw my house right now you'd arrest me for suggesting it is about keeping house. More than that, it's about keeping this life. I make things all the time and I'll show you my projects. I'll brag about my boy. And when the house is clean, I'll show you pictures.

Thank you for reading this blog and following along with my adventures. I appreciate you.

With love,