Tuesday, August 8, 2006

mini swap

Hello, sweet friends. I just wanted to remind you of the Club Little House mini-swap. Sign up is just until next Monday. And on Monday you'll get the name and information of your swap partner. Click here to sign up. (the password is: ilovelittles)

Here's how the miniswap goes. You make just one little thing for a dollhouse and send it to the name you receive by email. Meanwhile, someone who picked your name will make something for you and send it to you. But, now here's the twist, the person you are making something for and the person who is making something for you is probably not the same person. It will be an elaborate web of swapping fun. You have until Monday to sign up and then you have another couple of weeks or so to make your little thing and send it on its way.

Is that helpful? Somehow I think not.


kate said...

so how does this club house swap thing work?

AnastasiaC said...

what fun! what fun!!
ive signed up since I keep missing out on the Club Little House haha
now I have to think of what to do/send?!!

kate said...

What SIZE dollhouse? Is it a teeny thing we make? thanks :)

Melissa said...

I signed up! Thank you for organizing this! Are there any guidelines as to what to make? I mean, should it be something small, like a dish of food or something large, like a piece of furniture? (of course it is ALL small!)

Natasha said...

I am so looking forward to participating in this swap thank you for organizing it!!