Sunday, August 6, 2006


I'm busy preparing Club Little House packets for Round 2, early bird section, to go out tomorrow. Here they are, all lined up and ready to be packed into the boxes.

Rich is busy listening to some sort of computer tutorial. The tutorial is guided by a computerized monotone voice saying all sorts of crazy things that sound like jibberish. It is giving me a huge headache. Perhaps somewhere in the depths of my little brain I am trying to figure out what that little computer man is saying. It is a jumble of words like import and data and populate and section and option and schema and database. And the sound of that voice is echoing through every room I go to. I tried to work on some projects right there in the same room as Rich (because I like to be near him) but I swear that noise makes me so crazy. Crazy and maybe even a little mean. I need to get out. of. here. I think we've come up with a new form of torture here. And it works.


Lauren said...

Those packages look sooooo cute. I think I'm in the later group...I have group one envy...those gals have such little house talent!

danielle muller said...

how darling these packages look! just lovely!!

clarice said...

Go have a glass of rose' wine and all will be fine !! Clarice

Tracey said...

I don't know if my entry made it in time for Group One....Oh, I can't wait to see what all we are getting (I've seen a few items posted on blogs, but I won't know if I'm in that group till the box arrives!!!)
Thanks Amy!!!