Tuesday, August 22, 2006

answer the question

I don't know why this is but I'm terribly neglectful about answering questions people leave in the comments.

I went back all the way to July and found all the questions...and answered them here:

crazycatladymel, from the camping post asks
What kind of set-up is that? Me: It's an inflatable mattress on a stand so that it is off the ground like a regular bed.

Clarice, from the camping post, asks
Do you mind sharing where you got your sink and black wire table?
Me: Here's a link to it.

*jenny, from the sweet sweet so sweet post, asks
Is this the sweet Rosanna who is in Club Little House?
Me: Yup. The one and only.

Janet C. and countless others:
Money book instructions?
Me: If you didn't get the directions, here they are:
from "A Gift for Giving" by Donna Lang.
page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4

Tracey: Do you guys completely empty the Cottage for the Flea Market?
Me: Believe it or not, no. They have so much stuff at the Cottage that we can spread it out between there and the Big Flea.

Bonnie: Please tell me how you add those beautiful white borders to all the pics you post.
Me: I use Mo Jackson's doo dads, which are digital elements that you can add to your photos to pretty them up.

DivaDeb: Where did you find those darling Tinkerbell bottlecaps?
Me:They are scrapbook embellishments. I bought them from a scrapbook supply store.

Lisa, of the buttons I bought sewn to collages: Will you be able to make yourself use them?
Me: as of yet, no. But gee they are pretty!

*jenny and kate and danielle: Please tell me you didn't actually SEW all those buttons on there?
Me: Yes! I did. I mostly just did a once-through for each one. I've worn them plenty so far and they are staying on!

Tracey, on the chloe letters: What are the letters made from? Wood? Foam??? How large are they?
Me: They are made from mdf and are each 9" tall.
I am planning on selling these online so I hope you don't mind if I don't disclose the source or directions on how to make them.

emma (from the post where I model the necklace Tammy made me): Amy, I must know where you got your top! Or is it a dress?
Me: It is, indeed, a dress. I picked it up at Marshall's for a song and I wear it over jeans.

Laura (of the ballerina cupcakes): Did you make the base,too?
Me: Yes. The base is a little box.

Soleclaw: Where did you get the ballerinas?
Me: Guess what! I think I'm going to offer them online. Stay tuned this week.

Cerri and Lucy (of the charms): Where di you find the little holders you are using?
Me: I bought them here.

Do you have any other questions to ask me today? Post them as a comment and I will answer them right away, I promise. Ask me anything...


Diane said...

Hi, I love your blog and enjoy seeing all of your projects. How much do you sell the ballerina cupcakes for? They are so cute, I think I remember seeing them on your website, but looked for the cupcakes a few days ago and could not find them.

Amy said...

The ballerina cupcakes are $14...I'm going to put them back up this week. I had run out of the charm bracelets that go inside.

Cherry Menlove said...

Are you the Best Miscellaneous Crafter in the world & are you going to win the Plummy?

I'll answer for you.

Yes, of course she is!!!!!!
C xx

kate said...

Thanks for the answers. Going to mojackson.com to see what is up there :) I think I asked you this awhile ago- what kind of elastic do you use for your button bracelets? I have made some for me and friends, just wondering....

Tracey said...

Thanks for the answers. One more question- Maybe it's just me, but i have tried adn tried to get into Mo's site for months...got through "screeneing" and STILL couldn't find where the heck the stuff is to purchase! Anyone else have this trouble?

kate said...

I just logged in, too to Mo's site- so far have not been able to get in either....

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! I always want to ask you questions but am a big chicken about leaving comments. Now here is my big chance and I can only remember one~I should have never given up coffee! :) What is liquid glass? I have been wanting to make my own charms forever and never know what to use over the top of a charm that I put paper or a picture in to seal it? thanks- you crafty wiz you!!!

Amy said...

I don't use elastic for my button bracelets...I use braided trim. Lots of people use elastic but I wanted to use something to set my bracelets apart. I was so sad the other day to see that someone was making them exactly as I do...so I was a little gun-shy about letting this secret out of the bag.

Amy said...

I think you should contact Mo Jackson directly. She's one of the busiest people I know, but she's also the sweetest. Send an email to her Cousin Jo at moscousinjo@mac.com and tell her about your troubles.

Amy said...

Here's more information about Liquid Glass:


There are lots of other products like it on the market. Ask about it at your local scrapbook store.

Amy said...

Cherry, mon cheri, even though your question was rhetorical I will answer it too. Oh I hope I win! I will be the proudest miscellaneous crafter you've ever seen to wear that badge of honor. Oh, and you bet I'll wear it. And I will tell everyone at the grocery store about it. Or maybe it should be a sash. Ahh, yes. A sash!

chubby-girl said...

I'm sure it was your b-e-a-utiful studio that I saw pictures of a while back...with lots of storage (kind of a blue color?) with of course lots of A's, hats and a dress form? Was that all custom-made? Drooling...

Amy said...

My blue cabinet is from an old pharmacy. It is 8 feet tall and 8 feet long. There are trays that pull out that still smell of chemicals like sulphur. I bought it from ebay, believe it or not!

Cherry Menlove said...

Yes a sash! And you can pledge to help all the other miscellaneous crafters that are less fortunate than yourself. And promise to work towards peace between the miscellaneous crafters all over the world. Hee hee! x

clarice said...

Amy you are so cute you did answer my question, but I think I was rude and forget to thank you. so thank you !! Clarice

kim (OliveJuice) said...

Since you volunteered....:) I'm still wondering where i can find the info about that super nifty background changeroo thing that you mentioned a few days ago. (Sorry to be such a pest!) Thanks Amy!!

Jess said...

Yay! Thanks for offering to answer questions! I hope I'm not to late to ask one too... Where did you find all of those adorable photos of children with teddy bears (for the cupcake charms)? I LOVE them all!! Since you sell them, I will understand if you don't want to reveal your source...

Anonymous said...

HI Amy, I asked about the CHLOE letters...are you planning to sell them at your site?

soleclaw said...

Oh man, are you serious about offering the ballerinas? That would absolutely rock my world!

Amy said...

I'm going to answer 3 at once....

The teddy bear pictures all came from an amazing cd of vintage photos that I bought on ebay by Vintage Memories. There are 13,200 images on this cd!

Yes, I decided to sell the letters online. They will be customized and are $12 each. 3 letters are not available...I think they are Q, X, and Z.

And, yes, I will offer the ballerinas online. Thanks for your encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy I love your blog, I read it here in Australia everday, I was wondering if you or anyone else worked out where you go to purchase Mo Jacksons doo dads I would love to get some but can't get in from her main page either? Can anyone help?

Jess said...

Thanks Amy!!