Monday, August 14, 2006

club little house, round 2, section: early birds

Here are the 12 littles sent in by the Early Birds section of Club Little House, Round 2.
The top picture shows a combination of a few things sent by different members.
Jenny made a darling little beach bag and flip flops. Tracey made this fabulous armoire, inspired by Martha. I made the little lunch and pies that I showed you a while back. Amy Wilson made a beachcomber's bucket with sand and the teeniest shells. She also made some pie fixin's (not pictured). Glenn made this super cute pink vanity with a fabric-lined drawer. And Gina fashioned this very sweet welcome mat, slippers, and little newspaper. Love! Tracey put together a cute little potted plant with a little sign. Cindy created this shabby chic library cabinet, complete with a wallpapered interior. Anna Maria made the cutest little puppy with a tennis ball, chew toy, and feeding dishes. My sister, Jennifer, kept sending me things to add to her contribution, which included a table, doughbowl and cloth, clock (not shown), and basket of apples. Underneath is the fabulously made braided rug that Annie sent in. And last, but most certainly not least, Francie, one of my favorite Georgia peaches, completely handcrafted this fireplace, including handpainting the screen and marbling the base.

Club Little House Round 2, Section Late Bloomers is running a little bit late but should go out this week. Look for pictures as early as next week. Meanwhile, those lucky enough to get into Club Little House, Round 3 are busy making their littles and the one-on-one mini swap is finishing up accepting new participants today. At the time of this post there are just under 40 participants. If you'd like to sign up, follow the link above and when it asks for a password, put in ilovelittles


Cerri said...

Great pictures Amy! I love your little doll interacting with everything! All of the littles are just precious and I can't wait for the 2nd group!
(Both my daughter and I signed up for the one on one mini swap too!)

Lisa said...

How fun to see everything together. I've been watching as the participants made their twelve. Your pictures are great and, like Cerri, I love the little doll interacting!

Lauren said...

Everything looks so adorable!