Thursday, August 11, 2005

mr. smith goes to washington...

Do I have a story to tell you! Remember that Art Smith event that I told you about at Wegmans? It was last night.

Just before I headed out I decided that I would like to give Art a gift.

I wrapped this up just as pretty as you please and went on my way.

The first thing I see when I walk through the door at Wegmans is a big sign that says "Meet Art Smith" with a banner across it that says "Sold Out". Uhh. I did not have a ticket. I did not even know there were tickets to be had. Evidently the event was advertised in Miss Winfrey's magazine...needless to say the 100 tickets available were gone in a blink of the eye.

I met Donna, the book buyer for Wegmans, at the display set up for the event and I asked if she would give Art the gift. She encouraged me to wait in the area of the event and maybe I would see him and be able to give him the gift myself. Also she said that maybe I would get lucky and some of the ticket holders wouldn't show up. Okay, I think, I'm game.

When I went to the upstairs area where they were setting everything up, I saw a very nice lady who quickly became my friend, Joan. We talked and talked about just about everything and before we knew it, there he was walking up the steps. I went straight over to him, handed him the gift saying "This is for you". He thanked me and disappeared into a back room where they were setting everything up.

Soon after all of the golden ticket holders started lining up and were seated. Just before the event started, Donna told my friend Joan and me that there were seats left over! Oh how happy!

Art demonstrated two recipes...a pasta salad and coconut cupcakes with ice cream. While he cooked he shared the loveliest and funniest stories. We all got samples of the food (just like at Oprah!) Fun Fun!

At the end of the demonstration, Art held up the cup that I gave him and went on about how wonderful it is and how much he adores it. Can you imagine how big my smile was? Ear to ear, I tell you!

We all lined up to get our books signed. Joan and I ended up at the end of the line. We continued to talk as if we'd known each other forever. We met two delightful of whom, Reine, is an artist who creates lovelies. I gave her my card (my last one) telling her to send me photos of her things. You know I'm always trying to find more wonderful things to share with you!

As the queue winded around slowly, we all talked and laughed and had a very nice time. Finally we were close to Art and there he was holding up my cup and telling how wonderful it is. :) My new friend Reine gave him my card and told him that I sold it at my store! He told me that they are taping an Oprah show at his kitchen soon and that maybe he would have the cup on the set!!! Can you imagine? I need to call Jim and Sandra of Beehive and let them know. I think they will be excited too!

Here's what he signed in my book: "Dear Amy, Thank you for the beautiful cup. Oh the cup is the most precious measuring cup I ever owned. Love you for thinking of me. XOX Art Smith" I went to shake his hand and he said "Oh get a kiss!"

Cloud Nine, I tell you, cloud nine. I'm still there.


Paisley said...

Girl, you are having the life! I love this story - it certainly proves the old maxim that what goes around comes around. You made a generous gesture and it came back to you immediately in a wonderful way....during what sounds like a wonderful evening. Good for you!


reine said...

I love your website Amy and I am so happy to have made a new friend... we must be kindered spirits. Your blog captures the event wonderfully and I will really keep my fingers crossed that Art uses your "mystic" cup :)
I will be in touch soon with some photos.,etc. Thanks so much!

Roxi said...


What an awesome time you must have had! You were meant to be there. You better stock up on that measuring cup! I'm sure you will be on Oprah's list of favorite things soon!!

Take care,

Allie said...

Yeah!!!! I loved that story :) Maybe you'll end up on Oprah's favorite things christmas show, keep your fingers crossed!

Waterfall said...

That is awesome!! I'm so proud of you, as always. :)

vintagecollage said...

Will be looking for Inspire Co among Oprah's favorite things!!!!