Monday, June 14, 2010

naptime today

This is my view from here...

Alfredo's favorite thing to be these days is "independent". We've been encouraging him to do things on his own, like to take off his own clothes, go to sleep by himself, etc. I can't believe how much he's growing.

Today he asked if he could nap on the family room floor in his big boy underpants. So I put a vinyl tablecloth under him just in case, put on his sleepytime music, and he drifted into naptime. Yesterday he napped the same way and awoke with dry pants. I'm really hoping for the same today.

Okay, but do you see what a wreck my family room is? It is like that all the time now. As soon as I tidy it up, everything looks so new and happy to him that he digs right in and the room ends up the same way within, I'd say, 10 minutes.

And I can't possibly do anything about it now without waking him up. Maybe I'll take a little nap myself. 


Dyche Designs said...

Aaah, precious.

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Amy,
What a handsome shot! So Happy and content :)
My living rooms looked like this a lot... they are for "living" as Family rooms are for "Families" :)

Remember what it looked like a few years ago... Now it is filled with even more Love :)
*** I know You already know all of this :) thank you for listening to me!


Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs said...

Oh, Honey, take it from an ol' 10 yrs you won't remember, it is totally true! Our youngest son Ethan, now 15, would fall asleep in the strangest places when it got to be his nap time (we didn't have a set time, he just slept when he needed it). Once on the stairs in our house, so I got a book and sat with him while he slept. As caregiver for my parents, I take naps with they need that energy and relaxation too. Enjoy, Totally love the photo!!! {{{Hugs}}}, Rita

Jane said...

What a sweetie. I know just how he feels. As soon as I clean up my craft supplies they look so great I want to dig in!

vivian said...

Amy he is soo precious! He is so lucky to have you! I love that youre encouraging him to be independent. I like that you think about parenting. I was young when I had my kids, and didnt really think alot about it.. just kind of did it. If I could go back, there are definitely things I would do differently! have a sweet week!

maryann said...

I remember telling myself that the *one* thing that I *for sure* couldn't do when my kids were awake was sleep, so I made sure to try to sleep when they did!! Good for you if you do the same!

Kai's mom said...

Awww...what a great photo. Our 2 1/2 year old is the same--as soon as the room gets cleaned up, he thinks everything is new and has to play with it all. Yeah, 10 minutes is about the time it takes. Can't believe how big Alfredo is getting!

Bev said...

Remember Amy...
Picking up toys while children are growing is like shoveling the walk while it's still snowing

Someday you will look back and long for these days of naps among the toys.

You are a wonderful mom to let him be so independent,and for treasuring Alfredo above a tidy room. He is a precious little boy!

I have always said, "Let sleeping babies sleep!"

Anonymous said...

Befor kids the house was ALWAYS clean. 27 years and 6 kids later, I'm not really sure what a clean house looks like. I might even have to call "Clean House" just to see how it's done;} But the crazyness is ALL worth it!
Love Judi from Wahoo.

charlotte said...

I'm with Bev on this one- and you certainly know that someday you will miss the happy chaos.... He is so grown up already! too fast and so wonderful. xoC