Monday, October 27, 2008

the sun will come out...

today? I've got a whole bunch of stuff to show you but the sky is a little cloudy and I know the pictures will come out a bit flat. Hopefully the sun will make an appearance at some point today and I can snap the photos and show you.

Until then, I thought you might enjoy seeing my Christmas wishlist. I added it to the sidebar (you can also see it here)

I think I still have a few things to add. I went a little crazy...and no, I don't expect to get it all. :)


Lovie said...

I looked at your list and I think I could be quite happy with just about anything on there. Here's wishing you get it ALL.

Kim Caldwell said...

I always LOVE your birthday and Christmas wish lists. You always find the best goodies. Thrilled to see Paulette is on your list -- so honored. Can't wait to see your picturs. Hoping for some sunshine!

Hugs, Kim

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Everything on your wish list is so YOU, Miss Amy!~~~XXOO, Beth

Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

I always love looking at your wish lists! :) You always find such beautiful, creative things.

I was thrilled to see that you had some Etsy finds on your list! I just started my own Esty shop, so of course, my wish list is now full of Etsy items. :)


deb said...

It's dreary today here too. Oh my, your wish list is darling!! I'll have one of each too.