Wednesday, October 22, 2008

making tiny worlds

I've been making glitter houses and other delights. And messes. I've been making those too.

The new Paper Source in Reston is fabulous. And so is the new Anthropologie right next door. My friend Hope and I had a delightful time just wandering around leisurely. I think we circled each store a dozen or more times. Then, once we'd worked up such an appetite from all those laps, we headed over to Jackson's for an amazing salad (and, while we waited, handcut fries). If you live in the DC area and you're cut of the same cloth as Hope and me, I recommend this same order of events.

Today I have some mundane tasks to tick off my list. If there is time later today, perhaps while Afternoon Tea keeps me company in the background, I will finish up this batch of goodies for you. Look for Sugarville houses, fairy cakes, and tiny matchbox worlds. Are you curious?

Meanwhile, it is officially afternoon (12:03 pm) and I'm still my pjs and robe. I spent the morning doing something I hate doing, making up all sorts of curses as I went along. The furnace broke and I had to clear away all the debris (and that's a nice word for it) that has filled the basement, rendering access to said furnace nearly impossible. There is a sign on the furnace from management (aka Rich) saying that if I don't keep the area near the furnace clear of boxes and stuff that I will burn the house down. I can't tell you how much I hate that sign. Almost as much as I hate clearing away those boxes, stacked to the ceiling. Today, embarrassed for the furnace repair man to see it, I tore the notice off in a huff and threw it in the trash, quite dramatically.


Fanciful Alice said...

well I am just in love with your sugarville houses, fairy cakes etc etc ... your blog brightens me up no end!

Yin said...

oh those are so cute!!

and glad to hear that you had a nice time in Reston! Here's a small world story: a sorority sister of mine helped open that store! (she works at the paper source in DC and is super creative... check out her blog:

Julie said...

I love your blog and did not know until today that you were located near me. I live in Vienna and usually travel out to Georgetown to visit the Paper Source (one of my favorites). I've heard great feedback about Jackson's and am looking forward to going there.

vicki archer said...

What a gorgeous blog - I love your images, and especially all your scrumptiousness.

Jill Elaine said...

Are you going to be selling your creations? They look wonderful!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I can't wait to see the rest!

Saucy said...

I'm sorry Amy, but I giggled at the end of your post! The thought of you in your pj's (probably cozy flannels with cupcakes on them and fuzzy rabbit ear slippers too) in a HUFF! Tearing it DRAMATICALLY! Well, I'm sorry, but it's too cute for words.

karen said...

Rich's next sign maybe will read "If you huff and puff around the furnace you will blow the house down"

I can hardly wait to see more of your creations

Jenni B said...

Oh, wow! I just found your blog and I am in love! Your little house is just the cutest thing and I can't believe you were talking about Reston! My husband had a summer internship in the town center this past summer and we lived right nearby. And we're moving back next year! Thanks for passing on the link for the Paper Source. I am so excited to go when I return!

Jenni B

P.S. I just have to add your link to my blog so my readers can come to visit you!

princess lasertron said...

I love your little houses so much. Our Anthropologie in Omaha opened TODAY! Gotta go check that out tomorrow too. :)


rooruu said...

Hey Amy, if you haven't discovered these "By Order of the Management" signs then maybe you might find something to enjoy from there. No affils, just some lovely fun signs from an etsy seller. Cheers!

Jerusalem said...

oh who needs management anyway? lol. Sometimes those husbands get awfully pesky. Good thing they are cute!
Can't wait to see what is new in Sugarville!!