Wednesday, October 1, 2008

inspiredfriend: Cari Kraft

I'm so excited to present my sweet inspiredfriend Cari Kraft. Click here to see.

She's cooked up all sorts of tricks and treats to share, all with a spooky Halloween theme.

I still have just a little bit of work to more witch canvas to put up (Somehow I missed photographing it the other day!) and I have to add how-tos for the last two projects. But I just couldn't hold you back a moment longer!



Doreen said...

Oh, I love it! Can't wait to get the how-to's for the boy pumpkin! Love him!
You are amazing!

paige said...

what wonderful projects
cari is so talented!

lauradodson said...

oh how funny, one of my dear friends is named Carrie Kraft...and her daughter's name is Paige (see above commenter's name.)

great post!

Debbie @ said...

How adorable. I am going pumpkin crazy with all these cute projects I see! Love it.

Jana said...

I adore Cari!!!