Tuesday, July 8, 2008

more rambling

My friend Hope hopped in for a little visit today. Baby loves her so much and just today started saying her name. He says it just like he does "home", with his whole sweet mouth forming an "o".

We had a delicious lunch. I fixed my favorite kind of lunch...a plate of munchies! An assortment of cheeses and pickles and olives (for me) and crackers. We sipped on a lovely drink of limeade with a splash of tart cherry juice. Baby nodded off while finishing his meal so he went straight from lunch to nap without a hitch. While he napped, we chatted and silvered some shells. I ran out of the silver leaf so we couldn't finish. After the craft/naptime, we chatted poolside while Baby amused himself by throwing his toys overboard.

I really wish I had someone like Hope, if not Hope herself, living next door. I have nice enough people next door, but none of them willing to silver their own fingertips in the name of good crafting fun.

I got a call yesterday afternoon asking if we'd take care of a little foster baby for the weekend. She's a little 10 month old girl. I asked Rich and he agreed we could. What I forgot then, and suddenly remembered as I was brushing my teeth last night, was that I really need this weekend to get ready for the next inspiredfriend and inspiredideas editions! I'll need to get my act together the rest of the week. I'm flying solo tonight while Rich plays a pick-up game of ultimate. Is it wrong for me to hope for rain? Shhh...don't tell him I said that.
The photo posted is some of the very sweet new products Hope launched recently.


Maija said...

Wish I lived closer, too- we would be elbow deep in silver! Enjoy the weekend date with baby girl!

Lovie said...

I wish I lived next door to you. I would definitly be sporting silver-leafed fingertips. Man, I would be all over that. Now I am headed over to Hope's place to check out those cute buttons!

m i c h e l l e said...

Sounds like you girls truly make the most out of living so close.

My younger sister and I are very close but unfortunatley, she lives in another state. The thing that keeps me from going nuts missing her is something she said to me once..."don't worry -- you just wait and see -- someday we'll be neighbors." That thought makes me very happy. :-)


Paper Relics said...

I never got to comment - I love living close... but do wish I was closer so we could visit more reguarly!

Talk soon!