Tuesday, November 20, 2007

a get together

Tuesday already? How can that be?

My friend Lesley stayed with us this weekend while she attended a nearby show. She'd mentioned Friday how she tried to connect the year before with Hope. With very little notice at all, Hope hopped over Saturday night for dinner at Whole Foods, followed by dessert at my house. We talked and talked and talked. It was very therapeutic and honest and nice.

From left to right: Hope, me, Lesley

This morning I have to get a few orders out, finish up some projects, and then prepare for Thanksgiving. The last count was just under 20, most of them wee folks. I'm going to brine the turkey and I feel the need to review a few things such as timing.

I also need to move the tables in place and set them. I think we'll be able to seat everyone with just the dining table and kitchen table, both with all the available leaves to extend them fully.

Oh, and I haven't gone grocery shopping yet. I know...I'm crazy. Truly I think it's a matter of being in denial.


a pink-bee said...

Oh my Gosh- I just thought I need to put the Turkey out to thaw !!!!
Have a great Thanksgiving Amy :)
crystal :)

DivaDeb said...

Good luck with your marketing, Amy - I just went to the market last night. Holey Moley, what a zoo!!!!!! (I'd suggest going at maybe midnight or something, to avoid the crowds of confused and wild-eyed shoppers shoving copious amounts of things in their carts...)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friend!

Paper Relics said...

I had such a great time with you and Lesley!

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and lets touch base about getting together again soon once I am back home!

Steph said...

Oh! Amy! I was so happily surprised to see Lesley, "our Lesley", smiling at me as I read your blog today!! What a treat! And I'm sure your friend, Hope is lovely too!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I'm thankful for you and all my other "peeps" out there.

Anonymous said...

Oh your lunch date looks like it was lots of fun Amy! Hope your Thanksgiving is a feast for the eeys and tummy!

Jennifer said...

Wow -- I hadn't stopped in for a while and am just learning about your exciting and wonderful news. Congratulations! I wanted to quickly share something in the hopes that it could be a terrific way for all of us to be involved: a dear friend who has had wonderful experiences with foster parenting told me that children often arrive with their earthly possessions in a garbage bag (and he used to collect suitcases to be able to give to children). I just thought that perhaps if the care agency you'll be working with agrees that this is an issue in your area, perhaps our community of bloggers could be a source for handmade bags that children could keep (be they the children in your own home, or other children served by the agency). Just a thought!

Iva said...

Dearest Amy~ Your lunch with Hope and your friend Leslie looked so fun. How I wish we lived closer! I'm sure your Thanksgiving feast will be delicious after you sprinkle it with some of your sweetness. Enjoy your guests...Iva

Kim Caldwell said...

Amy -- I am so loving my sweet frosted house and decoupaged trunk from vendor night. Seeing you with Hope brings back all sorts of memories -- have a festive Thanksgiving!

Hugs, Kim