Monday, September 10, 2007

on becoming number 2 fan

Oh, what a lazy, lazy weekend. I managed to clean just one room. And that was the easiest to clean in the whole house.

Most of yesterday was spent watching the Redskins win their first game of the season. It was very exciting. There were a few plays that were particularly exciting to Rich. He jumped up and down and hoot and hollared and even threw pillows into the air. The foam finger I bought at training camp came in handy. Uh. Pun not intended.

I delighted Rich by talking breadbaskets and 2 minute drills and debating whether they should run it or go for a field goal. I don't really know what I'm talking about but I like to think that I add to his overall good football watching experience.

Today I'm going to clean and clean and clean. Do you believe me?


jeanetta said...

i believe you about as much as i plan to clean and clean and clean.

Angela said...

You are a HOOT!!!! I would love to be a fly on the wall when the 2 of you are watching a game.

Lilli said...

I'm sure Rich really did appreciate your football banter. I tried to do the same for my Hubby who was watching tennis (and I kept my fingers busy by crocheting flowers).

Yeh, I'm going to clean and clean and clean too :)

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

You are SUCH a wonderful partner to your sweetie. Thankfully when I talk about a bread basket my sweetie starts looking for food :)

(( ))

Saucy said...

Sometimes, I just sit beside Veto and wear the cheese head (which is quite heavy, actually - so a foam finger sounds very comfortable) and I don't really say much at all except that I clap and whoop when he claps and whoops and the dogs get very excited with all the clapping and whooping going on.

Actually most of the time my eyes are glazed over the giant screen and I am imagining that Brett Farve is fashioning a tea cozy out of pigskin or I am wondering what it would take to gussy up the "Man Room" at Christmas.

I must find out more about this breadbasket thingy and see if it will win me any brownie points (chocolate brownies that is, pun very much intended).

Paper Eclectiques said...

Was so glad to read you write about your dad feeling better! Many well wishes being sent his way! Just love coming to visit your blog and site

Now I better go CLEAN =( (yuck)


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Clean? really?? If you do, then maybe I should, too. But I'd rather use the glitter and glue.

Melissa said...

In your store, you have a vintage tiny silver chair. The back of it looks like it could open a soda pop bottle.
Is that what it is for?