Tuesday, September 18, 2007

morning visits

This morning we awoke to sounds of someone on our roof.

"Is someone working on our house today?"

"Shouldn't be..."

We scramble from window to window, peering out to see if we can find someone on a ladder. No one to be found.

"Maybe it's Santa Claus" Rich said with a wink.

Rich was about to go out the front door to investigate when he called for me. "Come look at this" he said.

And there at our front steps was a little bird with a long beak. And this bird wouldn't move. Rich came within a foot of the sweet little bird and still it didn't move. All through our morning getting-readies we'd peak out to see if little bird was there and sure enough, he was.

Meanwhile, nobody was on our house, or any house in the neighborhood for that matter, even though we heard distinct walking sounds and even some hammering. Oh, and also the sound of a ladder landing on the house. I'm glad Rich was here to hear all this too.

So there you are...2 mysteries to ponder today. Santa Claus on our roof and a bird stalking us.

Ann told me that they had a little bird visit them in the cottage yesterday. And she had a heck of a time escorting him to the door. Seems he was as delighted with all their vintage finds as I am when I'm there. Or maybe he mistook their sweet little nest pins for home. Can you believe these adorable little handmade pins are just $6 each?! Click here to get your own from the Cottage.


Cathy Nash said...

I had a similar experience, only I thought someone was hammering on our house. Went outside to find out who the carpenter was--turns out it was an industrious woodpecker.
Really enjoy your blog!

Junie Moon said...

One of life's little mysteries to savor and scratch one's head over for a while. I do suspect it was a woodpecker though.

cruststation said...

What a lovely story, there's never a dull moment here :) Adore the nest pin.

Lilli said...

I love bird stories :) Here's one from me...

A friend of my husband's is really connected to animals, communicates well with them. Well, one day a bird came to visit her. It flew up to the window of the room she was in, and started pecking on the glass to get her attention. It clearly was trying to communicate with her.

She went outside, and birdie led her to where her baby had fallen out of the tree. Baby was fine, but mom wanted it looked after while she went to dig up some grub. So our friend sat down near baby and mom flew away to get bugs and such. She flew back and forth while our friend kept an eye on baby.

Sweet, huh? I love that story :) Now I wonder what your bird wanted?

Mom2fur said...

That's wonderful that a little feathered friend came for a visit!
As far as the noises...could they have been coming from under the roof? Sounds carry funny in houses. You might want to make sure you don't have any furry visitors setting up a winter home. I love squirrels--we even feed them peanuts--but I sure don't want them in my attic!

Cheryl said...

Oh how funny! We are in the country and get all kinds of funny critters! We even have a fox...and he has a nest in a tree! We didn't know foxes make nests in trees, but have found out that indeed they do! Hope you're enjoying your "Sweetest Things." ;) hugs, cheryl

Mary Lou Weidman said...

Birds that make sounds bring good luck you know. Buy a lotto ticket or two. :-)
Or maybe you will just have an incredibly wonderful week.
I adore that little red bird...or anything red for that matter.
Cheery Goodbye,
Mary Lou Weidman