Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Yesterday was lots of fun. My mother cried when she saw us at the door...and the shouts of joy from Seth were pure love.

I brought a lollipop each for Seth and Maggie. They licked on them all day, covering them with plastic afterward. Maggie still has quite a bit of hers but Seth's is nearly gone.

It was good to see Daddy. Poor thing, he's so tired of being sick. And just plain so tired too. My mother said that yesterday was his best day yet. That's very good. Here's to each day being better than the day before...all the way until he's himself again!

Seth and Maggie found a minnow bucket by the creek and spent a lot of time casting it out in hopes of finding a cute little buddy in there. They caught one, with plenty help from Maggie's big brother, John. They paraded inside, John at the lead, to scare the wits out of everyone with it. Luckily, I was holding baby Shelby so I was spared.

We also covered the driveway with a maze of chalk outlined streets. Seth just got his training wheels removed from his bike and you wouldn't believe what a pro he is. Maggie rode her tricycle and sometimes pretended to be the police. She also tried to avoid being run over by Seth, who really seemed to want to run her over.

Today is Seth's first day of kindergarten. He's in the same classroom I was in, 31 years ago. I told him about lucky tray day and that seemed to get him the most excited. Did you have lucky tray day at school? It was a day I'd look forward to for weeks ahead. One of the trays in the stack of trays was marked on the bottom with an x. If you got that tray, you would get a free ice cream or some other special treat. Plus you'd get all the fame of being the one with the lucky tray that day.

I never did get it. Not even once.

Seth and I looked through the patch of clover to find a four-leaved one to improve his chances but we never found one. Seth tried very hard, and even counted the same leaves twice trying to convince me the 3 leaves I saw were really 4. You can't cheat Lady Luck, mister.

I missed Seth by minutes when I called this morning to wish him last minute well wishes. I hope he loves school and I really hope that school nurtures his natural curiousity and creativity.

Maggie starts preschool next week. It's hard to believe these little ones are turning into such bigger little ones. Here's a picture of Shelby, Seth's little sister, who'll be 1 next week.


Junie Moon said...

How wonderful that your father is on the mend.

Adorable children--it's so exciting to see their little imaginations and minds taking in the world around them. They are so blessed to have an aunt who cherishes the joys in the world, too.

I hope Seth's first day is full of joy and wonder.

Kimberly Morin Weineck said...

Glad to hear things are going well with your dad's health.

Great photos, as always!

Lilli said...

Such Cutie-Pies! I'm an adoring aunt too.

It's first day of school up here in Vancouver too. All my music students are returning for lessons this week.

Best wishes to your Dad. May he get better and better and healthier and happier, and may your Mom be able to relax more and more :)

FYNest said...

My 6 year old is in my kindergarten classroom with my first grade teacher as his teacher. I love the tradition of it. And yes we had lucky tray day and I never got it either!! Someday I'll recover from that. ;-)

Raised In Cotton said...

Oh Amy, what beautiful children!!! They truly grow so fast but what memories we have.

Hugs :)

louise said...

the children are so cute, what a wonderful childhood they will have to look back on!

glad to hear that your dad is improving.

louise x

Bari said...

Glad to hear Dad's on the mend. And, that is the cutest baby! Oh goodness, the joy on that face.