Monday, September 3, 2007

how I'm spending my labor day

Monday morning's not so bad when you wake up and realize it's just as good as another Sunday!

We're off bright and early this morning to drive 3 hours to surprise my family. My father's still feeling weak. He sounded so weak on the phone when I talked to him. The diagnosis has changed to Lyme Disease. And would you believe it? They think the tick got him on our camping trip. Ding dong dang it! We're hoping that since they caught it rather early he won't have lasting effects. I know lots of people who have Lyme disease and it has changed their lives...healthy, young people.

We're driving the cute little convertible and we're stopping first for a nice cup of coffee (since I'm fresh out!)

Happy Labor Day, everybody! Don't do a bit of labor if you can help it.

I hope you like this random picture from a storybook I have. It's one of my favorites. I especially love the caption.


shelleyroneill said...

Yay for an extra Sunday! Do hope your father's feeling much better, and that the Lyme disease is caught early.

What's the cute convertible?

Junie Moon said...

Thank goodness they now know the correct diagnosis and can treat it accordingly. A visit with your dad and the rest of your family is a great idea--for him as well as you. I'll continue to keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

Katelyn said...

I hope they caught it early, too. I have Lyme and it is no fun. I'll keep him in my prayers.