Monday, July 17, 2006

whimsy is my middle name

I'm recovering nicely from camping, and the long trip to and fro. To help make this day extra special, something really wonderful arrived by post. Mr. T asked with his pipe between his teeth "What do you think it is, Miss Amy?" to which I replied over my shoulder as I ran back into the house "It's a gift! It's a gift from my friend!" He chuckled and tooted his horn and drove his mail truck to the next house. I love Mr. T. Did I tell you that he toots in front of my house...just a sweet little tootle of a let me know that the mail has arrived? Someday I will take a photo of him so you can see how cute he is, my wonderful mailman Mr. T.

For now, I'm sure you'll want to see what my friend made for me.

Here's what the little note that came with it said...
"Woven with love from Nature's bounty:
Lavender, Mint, Chamomile, Rose, Sweet Grass
Add a touch of whimsical thread and ribbon,
And this little nest becomes a sweet home for
Little fairy girls or precious pink birdies!
With appreciation to my dear friend Amy...
Love always, your Bliss Sister, Deb"

I love it! I love it! I love it!

Visit my friend Deb's blog by clicking right here.


Chiffon Rose said...

Amy you have such a wonderful circle of friends who always bless each other with such gorgeous gifts. I am always inspired. Love the way you give to each other without a reason - just because you can. It's precious.

Jackie said...

I just want to cry that is so beautiful. I love nests and the poem included (not to mention the wrapping) is so lovely. You're blessed with wonderful friends!

DivaDeb said...

Well, as I expected, Amy dear, your photos are better than mine are. I'll send my blog viewers here to look at the 'neSt', I think...

ps: I forgot to mention that the green leaves flitting around in the box are actually little bitty soaps that you can use! Bonus!

heidi said...

amy, i love your sweet gift from your friend, so sweet, and i cnnot tell you how much i wish i could have crashed your girl party at your friends by the sea, how lovely. everywhere you look there is something interesting to look at, and what's not to love about pink and green - perfect. looks like a fab time!

Laurie said...

This is wonderful. You have amazing friends that are so thoughtful. I visited her site and she said you wanted to add them to your shop. Please encourage this. I would love to order several. Laurie