Wednesday, July 5, 2006


We spent the fourth at my sister's house in Pennsylvania, along with most of my family. Although a rough and tumble storm came through in the middle of the afternoon, we had a wonderful time.

Seth found these funny glasses:

and we all took our turn wearing them. Doesn't he look like Messy Marvin in this picture?

On our way home I discovered the most wonderful way to observe fireworks. We drove with the top down and crossed through Baltimore just as the skies were lit up with sparkly and billowing and flowery displays.

I'm working on button bracelets...still. I hope they'll be worth the wait.


thebutterflycollector said...

"Great Google Eyes,Batman!That Seth we'll never find him, he's gone and got a disguise!"
I just found your blog, I love it, flapping fairy wings and all! Your bracelets are gorgeous too!, I'll be back to visit to see more gorgeous goodies!Off to your shop now!....

Mrs. Staggs said...

Love the bracelets...and that Seth! What a guy, he makes me smile everytime I see him!
Glad to hear that your 4th was a happy one...your fireworks show sounds lovely!

Terri said...

Cute! I just saw a copy of your ad in Romantic Homes and I got the biggest thrill! Love your blog, your web site, your stuff!