Thursday, July 6, 2006

buckling down

Oh I have a lot to do today. I hardly have time to stop to show you this. But tell me, aren't these the sweetest little stickers you've ever seen? And they are tiny...less than a quarter inch tall each. My favorite (I always feel compelled to reveal my favorite) is the elephant in the car.

I'd better get cracking. First on the list is to finish the button bracelets. This morning when I announced that to sleepy Rich, he said "Maybe you shouldn't make those things anymore if they take so long." Huh?


atelier455 said...

Very sweet design. I just spent a few puzzling moments trying to find the elephant in the car, before figuring out that you meant 'cap' not 'car'!

atelier455 said...

I must be tired, or losing my sight. I've now found the elephant in the car, down at the bottom! You're right, he's better than the elephant in the cap ;)

Lauren said...

I love those stickers. Of course I am drawn to the food ones...cakes and cookies, yum, yum.

Cherry Menlove said...

Our wonderful men can be too practical sometimes.
Have a lovely day and I hope you get enough done to be able to relax this evening.