Friday, October 14, 2005

tag, I'm it!

My sweetie-pie friend Beth just tagged me. It's the first time I've been (knowingly) tagged and I feel obliged to continue the game.

Five random things about Amy:

1. I do not know how to swim. Rich is an expert swimmer and tried to teach me once but I was not a good student and he gave up.

2. I love to eat beef jerky. Strange, I know. I once read that models eat it because it is full of protein and generally fat-free. I had been eating it years before I read that but reading it made me feel a bit better about this weird pleasure.

3. As long as I'm confessing things that might seem out of character for the Amy you know and love, I watch QVC and buy all kinds of crazy things. I adore Lisa Robertson and I will buy anything she tells me about.

4. I wrote a children's book in college and tried to get it published. I sent it to dozens of publishers but no dice. It is called "The Birthday Suit" and is about a little boy who gets all sorts of clothes for his birthday and they are all too big. He decides to wear his "birthday suit" because it fits just perfectly.

5. I wear pink almost every single day in some form or another. Pink makes me happy. Today I'm wearing pink cords, a pink button bracelet, and pink socks.

I guess now I tag others...I am going to tag the Neenster, Debbie, and Tattered Edge

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Waterfall said...

Fun! I'll post mine tomorrow, when I'm a bit more awake than I am now!