Sunday, October 16, 2005

birthday invitation factory

My little friend Evan is turning 3! I made this birthday invitation for his celebration. It was so easy and fun. Want to know how I did it?

I bought a whole box of folded notes and envelopes that are the rsvp you know what I mean? I printed the birthday party information inside the card...easy, easy. The printed paper that I used for the hats and the background is from a pad of scrapbooking paper that was only 6.5" x 4.25". I just cut those in half for the background and used two-sided tape to put it on the card. For the hats, I punched out a big circle (2.5") and cut it into 6 pie slices. I used the same circle punch to cut out Evan's sweet little mug. The collar was made from crepe paper streamers, about 5 inches in length and gathered into a curve. Assembly: First I adhered the paper collar on the background using just two glue dots (one at each end). Second, Evan's face was placed over the collar. I used my sticker maker to add stickiness to the back. I glued the hat on with a glue dot. The tiny pom-pom got a tiny glue dot too.

Didn't they turn out nicely? We are going to make little clown garlands and party picks in the same way.


Stefani said...

Very clever! Happy birthday to Evan!

New reader here - can't remember now how I found you though.


Stefani said...

I remember! I was referred here by my friend Ann, from A View From Here - she loved your button bracelets. As do I.

Nice to "meet" you!

Nancy - "Nana" said...

Every precious child should have a dear "Auntie" Amy. Lucky Evan & Lucky Evan's Nana who loves you just as much! XOXO