Friday, October 14, 2005

she's a freak...owww!

For the longest time, I thought the refrain for the song "Brickhouse" was "She's a freak....owww!" I would sing these words very loudly and confidently as I thought they were the actual words.

I used to work at an office that had a catered lunch everyday (nice, I know!) and we all pretty much ate together. We started a conversation about how many songs we knew with the word "freak" in them. I piped up and said "You're forgetting the best one" and I started singing "She's a freak...owww!" One of my coworkers, Chad, smiling widely said "Amy, we don't know that does it go?" So I sang more of it. Before long, the whole lunchroom was roaring with laughter. They finally explained to me what the real words are to the song and I really haven't gotten over it. I still accidently sing the wrong words when I hear it...until I remember that she is a brick house...not a freak...owww! Mighty mighty. Let'n it all hang out.


Amy said...

Amy that is too funny, I once thought those were the words too. Probably before I had ever heard the expression Brickhouse I guess. I also sing "RiceARoni" for "My Sharonna" Know those aren't the real words but I can't stop myself.

Tatterededge said...

WHen you mess up the words for a song it's called a Mondegreen.
Look here:

MY own personal one is Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet. I thought "Looking for my lost shaker of salt" was "Looking for my hot diggity dog". HEY I WAS FOUR!! LOL!

My son's is the Mighty Quinn. When he was 3, he used to sing "Come on women, come on women" to "Come on without, come one within".

The best though was my friend's husband's interpretation of "Angie"-"I lay in jail". ROFL!

Oh and by the way, Brickhouse is one of my all time favourites!! :)

Kim in Carlsbad said...

Oh my God total lol!!! I needed that today. Thanks Amy.