Sunday, October 9, 2005

santa seth

Just before leaving for the Crab Carnival in my hometown last week, I had to run to Toys R Us to find a remote control car made especially for little folks that I'd promised Seth. On my way through the store I spotted this darling Santa suit and knew I had to get it for Seth. Rich was doubtful but I had a plan.

I waited awhile after we'd arrived before I whispered in Seth's ear that I had a secret surprise to show him. I had put the suit in a big box and didn't tell anyone what was inside. He was so happy when he saw it. We decided that he would put it on right away and go into the room full of people and say "Ho! Ho! Ho! Whatcha want for Christmas?"

Everyone was delighted by it. And he's such a ham that he loved making everyone laugh.

Now here's the really funny part. Part of the Crab Carnival's festivities is a parade. My brother (who knows everybody!) made a phone call or two and next thing you know Seth is all lined up to be IN the parade, dressed as Santa! His little friend Kameron was Mrs. Claus and they rode with my sister in law on the back of Bob Alley's tow truck. Don't you love small towns?


Kim in Carlsbad said...

I think Seth looks great, he makes a wonderful Santa! I do love small towns. Next week is our Lancer Day parade. All the school kids and their clubs and high school band get to march downtown. The home coming king and queen are proudly displayed and everyone has a great time. Even the afternoon drinkers at the pubs come out and raise a pint! This will be the first year my son is not the drum captain for the marching band as he is a Senior and too cool for any of that now.

Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh-Kameron looks soooo much like Mrs. Claus!!! The glasses were the perfect extra touch ;)